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Q. Where are you located?

A. We are located in Franklin Indiana, about 20 minutes south of Indianapolis. If you would like directions to our location, click here for a map.

Q. What is the difference between Symmetric & Asymmetric lift configurations?

A. The Asymmetric Design two post lift (CL 9,000 BPA, CL 9,000 OHA, CJ 10,000 BPA, CJ 10,000 OHA) allows you to lift a car or truck off center from the two posts, either more to the front, or more to the rear (this is called "30/70" - 30% of the vehicle to one side of the posts, 70% of the vehicle to the opposite side of the posts). This allows you to open doors freely without the them hitting the posts. This model is recommended when mostly lifting cars or light trucks, as opposed to SUV's and larger trucks with a longer wheelbase.

The Symmetric Design two post lift (CL 9,000 BP, CJ 10,000 OH, SL 10,000 OH, SL 12,000 OH) is ideal for lifting vehicles that have a long wheelbase. The vehicle is distributed more evenly "50/50" (50% of the vehicle up front / 50% of the vehicle to the rear), making the vehicle more secure when lifted. This design can be used for lifting just about any standard truck or car on the market.

Q. Why do some lifts advertise as BOTH Asymmetric AND Symmetric (30/70 & 50/50 in one lift), while others advertise EITHER Asymmetric OR Symmetric?

A. The SL 10,000 OH & SL 10,000 BP come standard with 3 Stage Telescopic Arms, which allow this lift to be configured as BOTH Symmetric AND Asymmetric depending on how the arms are positioned. This versatile design makes this lift our best seller!

Our other lifts (CL 9,000 BP(A), CL 9,000 OH(A), CJ 10,000 BP(A), CJ 10,000 OH(A)) are sold as EITHER Symmetric OR Asymmetric. This is because the lift has 2 different sets of available arms, but will ship with only 1 set of your choice. If you would like to purchase both sets for your lift and be able to use both Symmetric & Asymmetric configurations, the second set of arms are available, but will require you to change them whenever changing the configuration - this is not advised.

Q. What is the difference between BP and OH?

A. The Base Plate (BP) design two post lift (CL 9,000 BP, CJ 10,000 BP, SL 10,000 BP, SL 12,000 BP, etc.) is designed for applications where there is 9' 3" of ceiling height clearance. This design is ideal for lifting both cars and trucks where vertical space is limited. Base Plate lifts are also known as "Open Top" lifts, sometimes these are preferred not for low ceiling environments, butfor lifting tall vehicles that do not fit under the overhead bar on the Overhead lifts.

The Overhead (OH) design two post lift (CL 9,000 OH, CJ 10,000 OH, SL 10,000 OH, SL 12,000 OH, etc.) is designed for applications where ceiling height clearance is not an issue. The CL OH lifts require 11' 11" of ceiling height. The SL 10,000 OH has 2 height settings - 11' 6" OR 12' 5", and the SL 12,000 OH has 2 height settings as well - 13' 10" OR 14' 7". Overhead lifts come with a safety cut off bar which help to prevent damage to vehicles from lifting them too high. This design is ideal for lifting both cars and trucks where clearance is not an issue. Overhead Lifts are also called "Clear Floor" lifts - one of the big benefits of the Overhead design is that there is no Base Plate that gets in the way of rolling tools such as Transmission Jacks or Oil Drains.

Q. Does this lift come with hydraulic oil? What kind of oil do I need?

A. Due to shipping restrictions, we are unable to ship hydraulic oil with your lift. All of are lifts use AW32 or AW46 hydraulic oil. The manual shipped with your lift will have specifications on what type of oil to use.

Q. What type of power outlet/source do your lifts require?

A. Most of our lifts use a 2HP / 2.5HP 220V / 230V Power Supply. The Car Stacker Portable lifts (CL 8,000 CSP & CL 8,000 CSP XLT) can use EITHER 110V OR 220V Power Unit - your choice!

Q. What do I need to know about installation?

A. The buyer installs most of the lifts we sell on their own. Each lift comes packaged with an installation manual with easy to follow instructions. With the help of a fork lift or boom, and a couple friends, installation for almost any of our lifts can be completed in 3-4 hours. We do however offer installation locally in Indiana, and for those who purchase lifts out of state, we have a large network of Distributors and contacts we can put you in touch with to install your lift for you.

Q. How much does it cost for professional installation of my lift?

A. We have set rates in Indiana for installation, but rates for our various contacts throughout North America will vary depending on where you are located. If you would like a quote, we would be happy to assist you, please give us a call us a at (888) 736-5094.

Q. What type of foundation/concrete do your lifts require?

A. Our lifts require a 4" - 6" thick 3,000 psi tensile strength concrete floor for installation. Heavy-Duty lifts may require a thicker floor (we advise 6" concrete for the CL 14,000 FP & FP AR). Our CL 8,000 CSP (Car Stacker Portable) lifts do not require floor anchors, although they can be anchored down if that's what you prefer.

Q. Can I get layout specifications while my lift is shipping so that I can pre-drill anchor holes?

A. No. While we would be happy to send you the specifications and even an installation manual by e-mail or fax if you have ordered a lift, we strongly urge you to wait until your lift arrives to do this.

Q. What are the specifics on your lift warranty?

A. We offer a 5 year structural warranty on our lifts, and a 1 year warranty on the power unit and hydraulic components.

Q. What payment options do I have?

A. We accept Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and American Express

Q. Do you offer financing?

A. Yes, if you are interested in financing your purchase, click here for financing details.

Q. How safe are your lifts?

A. Very safe! Our lifts are tested by our manufacturer according to American Safety Standards. The structure on each of our lifts must pass a stress test of lifting the proper capacity.

Q. Are your lifts easy to operate?

A. All of our lifts are designed with easy operation in mind, and with features like single point lock release, they are very simple to operate.

Q. How much does shipping/delivery cost?

A. Due to the volume of our freight shipments, Complete Hydraulic Service & Sales, Inc. receives substantial discounts on our freight cost, which we gladly pass along to you. However, at this point we still give freight quotes over the phone, so please call us at (888) 736-5094. Please note that shipping costs may vary and additional freight charges will apply as necessary due to increases or changes in fuel surcharges.

Q. How will my equipment be shipped to me?

A. We generally ship lifts and heavy equipment to a commercial loading dock in your area. This is to ensure that the equipment needed to unload your lift (a fork lift or wrecker boom) is available. These loading docks can then load the lift into a truck or onto a trailer for you. However, shipping to your home is possible, read the question below for more details.

Q. How do I unload my lift?

A. We can ship the lift directly to your location if you have access to a fork lift or a wrecker boom and an 18 wheel truck can pull into your area, a fork lift or wrecker boom is the equipment required for unloading your lift from the truck. Or, we can ship to a trucking terminal in your area for you to go to and pick up at no additional cost to you.

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