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18 Gallon Oil Extractor / Oil Drain

Garage Tools & Equipment: AT-OE-18G - 18 Gallon Oil Extractor/Oil Drain

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AT-OE-18G, 18 Gallon Oil Extractor/Oil Drain


18 Gallon Oil Extractor/Oil Drain

Retail Price ONLY: $349.95!

Overview & Specs Section

Product Overview:

The AT-OE-18G is a very handy 18 Gallon 2-in-1 Oil Extractor/Drain which removes oil by draining it through a funnel from overhead, or extracting it through a vacuum pump using a suction hose or three flexible plastic/copper probe adapters. The flexible probe adapters make removing the oil from small openings such as the dipstick an easy task, while the long hose and nozzle allow for even quicker extraction. Disposing of the waste oil could not be easier be attaching an air supply to the pressurized tank.

• 18 Gallon Pressurized Steek Tank
• Steel Funnel
• 2.37 Gallon/9L Measuring Tank
• Pressure Gauge
• ¼" Copper Probe Adapter - 29½" long
• ¼" Plastic Probe Adapter - 29½" long
• 5/16" Plastic Probe Adapter - 29½" long
• 75" Suction Hose with nozzle
• Dolly Handle & Wheels

Product Specs:

Tank Capacity:

18 Gallons

Maximum Height:


Minimum Height:


Shipping Weight:

67 lbs

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Photo Gallery Section

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Shipping Info Section

Shipping Summary:

This is how your AT-OE-18G will be shipped to you in 2 boxes:

Shipping Method:

UPS Ground Box 1

UPS Ground Box 2

Shipping Length:



Shipping Height:



Shipping Width:



Shipping Weight:

55 LBS.

24.25 LBS.

The AT-OE-18G's shipping weight is just under 80 LBS. If you have any questions regarding shipping procedures or would like more information on this equipment, PLEASE CALL US AT 1-888-736-5094!

Call Us For A Shipping Quote!

For more information about how this item will be shipped to you, it is always best if you call us at 1-888-736-5094 to get a shipping quote and review Complete Hydraulic's shipping procedure for this Shop Equipment with one of our sales associates.

Indiana Sales Tax & Pick-ups:

Indiana residents must add sales tax of 7% to your final cost. If any equipment is picked up at Complete Hydraulic, the customer must pay the 7% Indiana sales tax*

* Unless the customer is tax exempt - A TAX EXEMPT FORM MUST BE PROVIDED!

Other Shipping Policies:

For more thorough overview of CHSSI's shipping policies, click here.


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