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Blizzard Snowplows Frequently Asked Questions


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Q. Where can I obtain pricing information?

Complete Hydraulic is one of the leading dealers of Blizzard products throughout the Midwest area. If you would like pricing information on any of the products listed on our site, or any Blizzard products available, contact us at 1-888-736-5094 or 1-317-736-5094 for details!

If you would rather e-mail us your request, please direct all e-mails to:

Q. Do you offer a snowplow for my truck?

To help determine whether or not a specific snowplow application is offered for your vehicle, Blizzard has created an electronic plow selection system called Powermatch. Powermatch easily identifies snowplow application options based on your vehicle's unique specifications.

If you have any trouble with this process, feel free to call us at 1-888-736-5094 or 1-317-736-5094.

Vehicle make, model, and year

Drive train

Body Style (Regular, extended, quad, crew, or chassis cab)

Box Option (Bed size)


FGAWR (Front gross axle weight rating)*

GVWR (Gross vehicle weight rating)*

* Gross vehicle and axle weight ratings can be found on the driver-side door jamb of the vehicle.

What Blizzard Plow Will Work For My Vehicle?

Q. Will BLIZZARD warranty my vehicle if it is damaged while plowing?

No, Blizzard warranties the snowplow product we produce, it is up to the vehicle manufacturer (OEM) to warranty the vehicle.

Q. Will the vehicle OEM warranty on my vehicle be void if I mount a snowplow?

Our understanding is that if the warranty issue is not related to the aftermarket accessory (snowplow) it will be covered by the OEM warranty.

Q. What if the warranty claim is related to the aftermarket accessory (snowplow)?

Our understanding is that the vehicle's dealer and vehicle's zone manager are then responsible to make a decision to allow, or deny, warranty coverage. You may wish to contact your dealer for their policy on snowplows and your vehicle.

Q. How can you offer a plow on a vehicle without a snowplow prep package?

We evaluate our product to ensure that the vehicle continues to comply with all applicable Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) and our product development process. These standards include: FMVSS 105 Suspension, handling and braking, 108 Lighting standards, 204 Crash testing of the steering column, 208 Crash testing for occupant safety, 212 Crash testing for windshield integrity, 301 Fuel systems in a crash.

* This pertains to Blizzard Snowplows and not Complete Hydraulic's other equipment manufacturers unless specifically stated in that equipment's section on our website.

Q. Who performs these FMVSS tests?

We contract with independent sources which utilize facilities approved and used by the OEM's and the United States Government.

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