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Sno-Way Snowplows: Stronger. Smarter. Better.


TCML-SJ 1,000 LB. Service Jack

Special: 20 Ton Bottle Jack: $99.99

Special: 1,500 LB. TCML Motorcycle Lift: $699.95

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Smarter Snow Plows

98% Blade utilization - Efficiency

Sno-Way blades are designed with height, curl and capacity in mind when building a snowplow model for a specific vehicle. Just enough blade height, sufficient blade curl and ability to carry to capacity equals a Sno-Way high performance snowplow. The design parameters of each model of Sno-Way plow exactly fits the recommended vehicle application. The Sno-Way snowplows are 100% efficient.

Sno-Way has the highest stacking capability in the industry. Careful placement of hydraulics and lift points allow users to pile snow high when necessary.

SM01 - Fast and Efficient Hydraulic System

The Sno-Way SM01 hydraulic system is the "POWER" within all Predator plow models. This super fast and efficient system is an integral component of all Sno-Way Predator models.

Advantages include:

  • Modular design valve block
  • Lower amp draw
  • Screened pump ports
  • Easy motor mount
  • Valve commonality
  • Fewer fittings
  • Positive grounding system
  • Oversized see-through reservoir
  • Aluminum valve block
  • Easier adjustment of pump pressure
  • Less total package weight
  • Clean modern package
  • Easy servicing
  • Fixed clearance pump
  • Quick reacting

Sno-Way has long provided custom vehicle subframe components for an exact fit. Each vehicle recommended for a Sno-Way plow has been looked at by Sno-Way design engineers and fitted with both prototype and production frames. All Sno-Way vehicle recommendations are specifically set forth in the Sno-Way Application Guide. Sno-Way custom vehicle subframes utilize many high strength steel components and are manufactured to exacting standards for high performance applications.

Sno-Way Innovation

Sno-Way has a long list of patents in the snowplow industry, commencing with the first one in 1979, many more have been issued, and a number still pending. Sno-Way innovation is an ongoing process, and history records Sno-Way as bringing many Firsts to the industry.

Sno-Way is proud of its distinguished record of Firsts:

  • First to patent see-through Polycarbonate as a moldboard
  • First to use replaceable/interchangeable moldboards - Polycarbonate, Steel, or Stainless Steel
  • First with an easy on, easy off system
  • First with out front power hydraulic system
  • First with patented direct linkage
  • First with patented sealed hydraulic system
  • First to maintain vehicle center of gravity
  • First with lightweight design to accommodate modern vehicles
  • First to avoid front axle overloading
  • First to provide easy installation
  • First with optimum curved blades
  • First with micro processor based controls
  • First with patented remote (wireless) controls
  • First with tilt cab applications
  • First to utilize powder paint technology
  • First with a patented lock clamp for safer traveling
  • First to win the Governor's Award for product innovation
  • First with a patented hydraulic plow stand
  • First with adjustable plow light brackets
  • First to utilize precise laser cutting of materials
  • First to utilize 99% robotic welding platforms
  • First to incorporate the plow light system on the plow frame structure for removal with the entire plow. All on and all off.
  • First to patent a twin pivot Power Tower V-plow with contour following capability
  • First to patent a V-plow with triple action rolling for faster cleaning
  • First to patent a Down Pressure™ System for applying more force to the cutting edge for superior cleaning, back dragging, and scraping
  • First to put the fun back into plowing with a modern, exciting high performance snowplow
  • First to provide a FIVE year limited warranty on all structural components.

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