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Stronger Snow Plows

Sno-Way was the first to develop a patented lifting system which eliminated the use of dangerous chains and virtually eliminated the snowplow bounce while traveling. The use of chains to lift a plow for traveling not only exposes the vehicle driver to possible injury resulting from chain failure, but also places unnecessary stress upon the vehicle when the plow is bouncing. The patented Sno-Way direct linkage is one solid connection, effectively marrying the plow to the vehicle.

Flex-Force Blade Frame

Sno-Way snowplows are designed and manufactured with a slight forgiveness in the main blade frame structure when objects are accidentally hit during snow plowing operations. This feature helps to minimize damage from light accidental hits with curbs, banks, etc. The Sno-Way blade frame has key structural elements of high strength steel which will allow for a slight degree of yield prior to breaking or bending, unlike other unyielding solid frame manufacturers which result in immediate structural damage. The Sno-Way *"Flex-Force"* blade frame is comparatively the strongest blade in the market.

High Strength Steel Components

Sno-Way was the first to use high strength steels in it's snowplows. The use of "Finite Element" computer aided design to highlight strengths and yields led to the use of high strength steels in many major components of Sno-Way snowplows. Extra strength with conservative weights results in a modern technological advanced snowplow to meet the front end and gross vehicle weight requirements of modern vehicles. Sno-Way uses more high strength steel in its mounts and snow plow components than any other manufacturer.

Only Sno-Way has the high technology manufacturing capability to effectively meld variable strength steels into strong compatible components.

Fully Tested for High Performance

Sno-Way engineers use the very latest computer design aids along with full R & D bench test programs to provide accurate test and design parameters for high performance snowplows. All Sno-Way snowplows, as well as competitor snow plows are tested under many stress oriented programs in the laboratory and in the field. Field performance plowing beyond recommended plowing procedures ensures performance within the plow and vehicle application, resulting in a specific Sno-Way plow/vehicle recommendation. Competitor snowplows are also field tested by professional plowers at the same time and under the same conditions as Sno-Way plows, for comparative plowing performance and failure.

Robotic Welding and Laser Cutting Stations

Sno-Way is a world ahead of the competition in its manufacturing processes, utilizing the very latest in robotic welding technology for uniformity of welding. Sno-Way snowplows are now close to 99% robotically welded. The ultra precise cutting of raw materials via laser, enables very close tolerance parts to be cut and inserted into fixtures for a very precise fit, resulting in near perfect components 99+% of the time. All Sno-Way components are built to meet both ISO 9002 and CE certifications for worldwide distribution. The Sno-Way manufacturing facility is home to one of the largest automated laser centers in North America.

Distribution of "Load Forces"

Sno-Way engineering designs Sno-Way snowplows to absorb and distribute plowing/stacking load forces over all plow components so as to minimize overloading, thereby reducing overall plow stresses, as well as relieving direct stress to the vehicle. The first direct shock stresses from plowing are being partially absorbed by the Sno-Way plow before passing on through to the vehicle, thereby greatly reducing vehicle wear and tear. A Sno-Way snowplow with a vehicle attached is an efficient plowing machine that will last.

Advanced Research and Development

Sno-Way possesses the most advanced R & D department in the industry. Hands on development of components along with full measured destructive testing enables Sno-Way to know within a few percentage points breaking and damage parameters. Sno-Way uses this direct knowledge along with computer aided design technology to build high performance plows to accommodate modern vehicles. Finite stress analysis greatly enhances Sno-Way's ability to build the best plows in the market.

Sno-Way test data and visual recordings of its products and competitor products are databased for future reference and benchmark comparisons. Through such rigorous and exacting R & D, Sno-Way can design, with accuracy, products with reduced damage potential. Failure points can be built in so as to minimize vehicle damage. It is still cheaper to break a plow than a vehicle! This data is very useful in properly appraising warranty situations by taking much of the guesswork out of the equation.

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