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Wheel Service Equipment: Tire Changer

TC-200 Tire Changer - Perfect For Small Wheels & Motorcycle Rims*!

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Compressed Air Required


Tire Changer

Retail Price: $1499.95 ONLY: $1,199.95!

Product Overview Header

TC-150 Rim Clamp Tire Changer

The TC-200 is perfect for low volume garages and many at home mechanics. One very popular use for the TC-200 is in motorcycle garages*, this machine will do almost everything a motorcycle mechanic will need in a tire changer when used with our TC-MCA adapter kit.

The TC-200 features a side mounted Bead Breaker Shovel which can apply over 2 Tons of pneumatic force to break loose stubborn beads, a full set of tire changing tools, Plastic Clamp Covers that help protect wheels, the ability to handle tires of up to a 39" diameter, and many more features listed below.

Our Tire Changer line of equipment includes a full line of optional equipment that includes Clamping Adapters to allow these Tire Changers to fit a wide array of custom applications. Also available are optional Mounting & Demounting Heads and quick change adapters for these Heads.

Below you will find much more information about this product, with details on all of the INCLUDED features that set this product above the rest: Featured Components; a full list of Specifications; a Photo Gallery with more pictures of this product; Shipping Information; Optional Accessories & Combo Packages available! See Below For More Info!

*The TC-200 requires the TC-MCA Motorcycle Clamping Adapters to work with Motorcycle Wheels & Rims.

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Photo Gallery Header

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Features & Components Section Header



Tire Changer Tools



Primary Features:

  1. Swing Arm Design: The TC-200 features a swing arm design for the Mount / Demount Head assembly. this allows operators to move this arm out of the way while placing wheels on the table.
  2. Included Tools: Soap Tank & Application Brush; Hand Held Tire Inflator & Gauge; Bead Breaking Shovel; Steel Mount / Demount Head; Tire Tool Bar; & More!
  3. Teflon Inserts / Covers: Wheel Clamping Tire Changers primarily make contact at 2 points - the Mount / Demount Head, & the Wheel Clamp Jaws. We provide a set of teflon & plastic inserts to pad all points of contact with the rims & wheels to prevent damage & reduce friction.
  4. Internal / External Clamping Jaw Table: Our Tire Changers feature a rugged clamping table that offers both internal & external wheel clamping. This versatility allows these machines to mount & demount most types of wheels on the market!
  5. Wide Range Of Adapters Available: We carry a large range of adapters and optional equipment to enhance the functionality of our Tire Changers, see below for more info.
  6. This Tire Changer Does NOT Have Jet Blaster: The TC-200 is our entry model Tire Changer. This Tire Changer does NOT feature our powerful JET Blast technology.

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Specifications Section Header

Product Name:




Wheel Clamping Range:

10½" ~ 22½"

Inside Wheel Clamping Range:

11½" ~ 22½"

Outside Wheel Clamping Range:

10½" ~ 21½"

Max. Tire Diameter:


Max. Wheel Width:


Air Pressure:

120 ~ 145 PSI

Table Motor:

1.5 HP

Operating Voltage:


Wheel Clamping:

4 Jaws: Internal & External Wheel Clamping

Bead Breaker:

Pneumatic, 8" Piston;

2.75 TON of Force;

11.5" Max. Wheel Width

Tire Pressure Gauge:


Oil Filter Regulator:


Soap Reservoir & Brush:


Plastic Rim Protectors:


Jet Blast:


Run Flat Helper:



1 Year (Parts)

Shipping Weight (Approx.):

600 LBS.

OPTIONAL TC-ADAPTERS Clamping Range Specs:

ATV Clamping Range:

Inside Rim:

5½ ~ 19½"

Outside Rim:

2 ~ 16"

Motorcycle Clamping Range:

Inside Rim:


Outside Rim:

15" ~ 26"

Large Wheel Clamping Range

Inside Rim:

18" ~ 29"

Outside Rim:

15" ~ 26"

More information on these optional clamping adapters can be found below.

The specs above are for the TC-200. Complete Hydraulic also offers a wide variety of other Tire Changers. To see the other Tire Changers we have available, and for product comparisons, click here.

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Optional Equipment Header

Optional Add-Ons:

TC-LRCA Tire Changer Large Rim Clamping Adapters


3-in-1 ATV, Motorcycle, & Large Rim Wheel Adapters

Retail Price ONLY: $249.95

The TC-ADAPTERS is a four piece set of 3-in-1 adapters which increase the external clamping range of our Tire Changers by attaching to the 4 clamping jaws, and allowing them to clamp larger rims. MORE INFO.

Ships UPS Ground!


TC-LRCA Tire Changer Large Rim Clamping Adapters


Large Wheel Clamping Adapters

Retail Price ONLY: $249.95

The TC-LRCA are a set of Tire Changer Clamping Adapters made to allow our TC Tire Changers to work with large rims & tires. MORE INFO.

Ships UPS Ground!


TC-SDH Tire Changer Steel Duckhead Mount / Demount Head


Tire Changer Steel Mount / Demount Head

Retail Price ONLY: $149.95

The TC-SDH Steel Mount / Demount Head is the standard head found on all of our CHSSI "TC" brand Tire Changers. MORE INFO.

Ships UPS Ground!


TC-PDHA Tire Changer Plastic Duckhead Assembly Mount / Demount Head


Tire Changer Plastic Mount / Demount Head Assembly

Retail Price ONLY: $174.95

The TC-PDHA is a Plastic Mount / Demount Head Assembly head designed to be used with decorative rims. The soft plastic surface helps to prevent damage to expensive chrome rims. MORE INFO.

Ships UPS Ground!


More Info

TC-PDH Plastic Duchead - Replacement Plastic


Tire Changer Plastic Replacement Head

Retail Price ONLY: $74.95

The TC-PDH Plastic Mount / Demount Head is a plastic replacement head for the TC-PDHAs wearable plastic head. MORE INFO.

Ships UPS Ground!


More Info

TC-QCPDHA Quick Change Plastic Duckhead Assembly


Tire Changer Quick Change Adapter Head

Retail Price ONLY: $324.95

The TC-QCPDHA is a Quick Change Assembly for our Tire Changers that allows operators to quickly change the mounting / demounting head. MORE INFO.

Ships UPS Ground!


More Info

TC-BC Clamping Beads


Tire Changer Bead Clamps

Retail Price ONLY: $19.95

The TC-BC is a rope of Bead Clamps that help secure a tire while demounting it from the wheel / rim. MORE INFO.

Ships UPS Ground!


More Info

TC-KIT Tire Changing Kit


Tire Changer Accessory Kit

Retail Price ONLY: $99.95

The TC-KIT is a kit of Tire Changing accessories that will assist in prepping tires / rims, working with valve stems, and more! MORE INFO.

Ships UPS Ground!


More Info

TC-PIMH Mount / Demount Head replacement plastic set


Tire Changer Plastic Inserts

Retail Price ONLY: $19.95

The TC-PIMH is a kit of replacement pieces that pad the TC-SDH contact with wheels. This kit includes 10 sets of replacement plastic inserts and 1 conical roller. MORE INFO.

Ships UPS Ground!


More Info

TC-TL Tire Changer Tire Lube


Tire Changer Tire Lube

Retail Price ONLY: $11.95

The TC-TL Tire Changer Tire Lube is a water based lubricant that makes mounting / demounting tires easier. MORE INFO.

Ships UPS Ground!


More Info

Shipping Information Header

Product Packaging

Packaging Details:

This is a picture of how your TC-200 will be shipped to you. Please read the Shipping Details section below for more information about our shipping procedures!

Shipping Method:

Freight (LTL) Ships via Freight!

Shipping Height:


Shipping Length:


Shipping Width:


Shipping Weight:

600 LBS.

The TC-200 Tire Changers weight is just under 600 LBS. If you have any questions regarding shipping procedures or would like more information on this equipment, PLEASE CALL US AT 1-888-736-5094!

Tire Changer Shipping Info:

Due to size & weight, this product will be shipped by common carrier. For more information about how this item will be shipped to you, it is always best if you call us at 1-888-736-5094 to get a shipping quote and review Complete Hydraulics shipping procedure with one of our sales associates.

It is vital for the customer to understand what is required of them for receiving these shipments! If you have ANY questions about shipping policies or procedures, please see detailed information here or call us at 1-888-736-5094 and one of our friendly sales associates will be happy to help you!

Destination Requirements & Unloading Equipment:

For residential deliveries, the customers address must be able to accommodate a large 18 wheel truck pulling into and out of the drive. THE CUSTOMER IS RESPONSIBLE FOR UNLOADING THE PRODUCT FROM THE TRUCK!* Liftgates are available. Residential charges may apply. PLEASE NOTE: Truck companies may place a reasonable time limit on how long customers are allowed to take before charging extra fees - please ensure you are prepared & ready to unload your equipment when the truck arrives.

Due to the size of this equipment, customers MUST have a Forklift, wrecker boom or similar piece of equipment to unload their product from the truck. If you are unsure about unloading this equipment from the truck, do not have the space available for a semi tractor w/ a 53 ft trailer, or do not have the necessary equipment for unloading the product(s) from the truck, we STRONGLY recommend having the equipment delivered to a business address* with a dock that is equipped to unload large trucks.

*For customers unable to accommodate a large truck at their residential address and have no business address available, we STRONGLY urge them to have their product shipped to a local trucking terminal. The terminal staff will be able to unload the equipment from the truck and onto a truck or flatbed trailer for you at no additional cost, and then you will be able to unload the equipment with no time constraints.

Indiana Sales Tax:

Indiana residents must add sales tax of 7% to your final cost. If any equipment is picked up at Complete Hydraulic, the customer must pay the 7% Indiana sales tax*

* Unless the customer is tax exempt - A TAX EXEMPT FORM MUST BE PROVIDED!

Other Shipping Policies:

For more thorough overview of CHSSIs shipping policies, click here.



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Warranty Information Header


The TC-200 comes with a 1 Year Limited Warranty.

  • 1 Year on Parts

Complete Hydraulic has a team of technical experts who will be able to trouble shoot any problems you may have and give you the help you need to get your product back up and running ASAP!

We stock a large inventory of parts for all of our equipment at our Franklin facility. From the smallest fittings and bolts, to the largest components like Carriages, Runways, Lifting Arms, Columns and much more! We are stocked and committed to keep you up and running.

Our Service Department is not limited to people who sit at desks and answer calls. We have a full staff of experienced technicians that work in our huge service & machine shop, repairing & fabricating hydraulic components from & for every manufacturer in the industry. In fact, Complete Hydraulic is no stranger to our competition's frustrated customers bringing their equipment here so that our Repair Technicians can get the competition's failed equipment back up and running!

With our hands on knowledge of hydraulic and garage equipment, our staff is waiting to assist you with any problems you might run into with this product, or any hydraulic equipment!

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