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TCVT 5500: The Complete Vehicle Turntable 5500

Battery Powered or 110v Rotating Display for Retail, Auto Dealers, Cars Shows, Car Enthusiasts

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TCVT 5500 Vehicle Turntable

TCVT 5500

The Complete Vehicle Turntable

5,500 LB. Capacity

Portable Automotive Turntable DIsplay

Retail Price ONLY:$6,445.00


Reliable and Smooth

Virtually invisible in operation, this low profile vehicle turntable has an almost magic effect. The Complete Vehicle Turntable 5500 is designed to allow vehicles as small as the Mini and as large as a 5500lb 4x4 truck to spin just hovering slightly off the ground while hiding underneath.

It creates an elegant, compact display, is extremely portable requiring no floor fixing, and can be used almost anywhere, even outdoo rs.

TCVT 5500 is always moving. The Turntable is powered by any 120volt outlet by a cable that is provided. However, if there is no 120 volt available, the turntable can be easily powered by the car's battery using a simple 24V to 120 volt inverter.

The turntable is fitted with an outlet that spins with the table to allow additional lighting or electric devices used to highlight the vehicle's features.

Safety is paramount, which is why the turntable, running at .6 RPM, has been designed to stop immediately upon the slightest of obstructions. The unit can typically be set up by two people in about 45 minutes.

Auto Dealers...Perfect for your showroom or off-site sale

If your salesmen aren't moving around the lot to move vehicles, bring in TCVT 5500, the "silent salesman." He just sits there like the rest of your sales team, but you don't have to keep an eye on him, because he moves cars all day without even being seen.

The Complete Vehicle Turntable 5500 will sell for you in the showroom, out in the lot, at tent sales or car shows, inside malls, or out at the county fair...You get the picture.

Vehicles are more attractive when in motion, and the TCTV 5500 doesn't require any training. Just give him power and he'll give you the power to sell more.

Car Enthusiasts...TCVT 5500 Turns Heads & Your Vehicle

You've invested a great deal of time, money, or both into your collector automobile. You enjoy turning heads as you drive down the road in your precious metal machine. You love it even more when someone walks up for a closer look. the eye is naturally attracted to movement, and TCVT 5500 will demand the attention your automobile desires.

Be the first on the show circuit to have you car moving on display, TCVT 5500 can be easily lifted and transported by 2 people, make sure your car is the one everybody remembers.

Instead of gawkers walking around your vehicle at the next car show to check it out from every angle, turn more heads and protect your investment as your collector car spins on The Complete Vehicle Turntable 5500.


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TCVT 5500 Vehicle Turntable

TCVT 5500 Vehicle Turntable

TCVT 5500 Vehicle Turntable

Primary Features:

  1. Portable Turntable: No floor fixing required. Tears down and transports easily for setup in multiple locations. Typical setup and loading time for two people: 45 minutes.
  2. Electrical Power Options: Main 110v power or battery operated. Supplied with a mains lead, the TCVT 5500 can also be operated from the 12v carcar battery itself ideal for external exhibitions or where trailing wires could pose a problem. Additional slip rings enable electrical power for car interior illumination etc.
  3. Unique Safety Clutch: stops the turntable in the event someone touches the vehicle while it is turning.
  4. Highlights Product Not Turntable: Virtually invisible, electric rotating vehicle display.
  5. Multi-directional: Smooth Running at 0.6 revolutions per minute.
  6. Robust & Reliable: Handles vehicles up to 5500lbs in weight.

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Product Name:

TCVT 5500



Maximum Capacity:

5,500 LBS.

Maximum Wheelbase


Minimum Wheelbase


Maximum Track


Minimum Track:




Shipping Weight

700 LBS.

Shipping Pack Size

91.5 x 42 x 19.75”

Power Consumption (w/o slip rings)


Power Requirements

120v, AC 50/60 Hz Ph. 1

Power Alternative

24V DC using Inverter (not supplied)

Mains Lead

6m, 3-core flex

Fuse Rating


Slip Ring Capacity

15A 220/240v, AC Hz Ph. 1


Nominal 0.6 rpm


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Installation Layout Drawing:

Use this drawing to verify that you have adequate space for installation.

Download This Drawing As PDF


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Vehicle Turntable Specs

Shipping Summary:

This is a picture of how your TCVT 5500 will be shipped to you. Please read the Shipping Details section below for more information about our shipping procedures!

Shipping Method:

Freight (LTL) Ships via Freight!

Shipping Length:


Shipping Height:


Shipping Width:


Shipping Weight:

700 LBS.

The Complete Vehicle Turntable 5500's weight is just under 700 LBS. If you have any questions regarding shipping procedures or would like more information on this equipment, PLEASE CALL US AT 1-888-736-5094!

The Complete Vehicle Turntable 5500 Shipping Info:

This product will be shipped by common carrier. For more information about how this item will be shipped to you, it is always best if you call us at 1-888-736-5094 to get a shipping quote and review Complete Hydraulic's shipping procedure for this Vehicle Turntable with one of our sales associates.

It is vital for the customer to understand what is required of them for receiving these shipments! If you have ANY questions about shipping policies or procedures, please see detailed information here or call us at 1-888-736-5094 and one of our friendly sales associates will be happy to help you!

Destination Requirements & Unloading Equipment:

For residential deliveries, the customer's address must be able to accomodate a large 18 wheel truck pulling into and out of the drive. THE CUSTOMER IS RESPONSIBLE FOR UNLOADING THE PRODUCT FROM THE TRUCK!* Liftgates are available. Residential charges may apply. PLEASE NOTE: Truck companies may place a reasonable time limit on how long customers are allowed to take before charging extra fees - please ensure you are prepared & ready to unload your equipment when the truck arrives.

Due to the size of this equipment, customers MUST have a Forklift, wrecker boom or similar piece of equipment to unload their product from the truck. If you are unsure about unloading this equipment from the truck, do not have the space available for a semi tractor w/ a 53 ft trailer, or do not have the necessary equipment for unloading the product(s) from the truck, we STRONGLY recommend having the equipment delivered to a business address* with a dock that is equipped to unload large trucks.

*For customers unable to accomodate a large truck at their residential address and have no business address available, we STRONGLY urge them to have their product shipped to a local trucking terminal. The terminal staff will be able to unload the equipment from the truck and onto a truck or flatbed trailer for you at no additional cost, and then you will be able to unload the equipment with no time constraints.

Indiana Sales Tax:

Indiana residents must add sales tax of 7% to your final cost. We have great freight rates! Any Four Post Lift Equipment will be delivered by the the best priced trucking company possible at the time of purchase.

Other Shipping Policies:

For more thorough overview of CHSSI's shipping policies, click here.



Again, should you have any questions regarding shipping procedures or would like more information on this product, PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CALL US AT 1-888-736-5094! Thank you!


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The Complete Vehicle Turntable 5500 WARRANTY:

The The Complete Vehicle Turntable 5500 comes with a 3 Year Limited Warranty that includes the following:

  • 3 Years on STRUCTURE
  • 1 Year on HYDRAULICS
  • 1 Year on ELECTRICAL


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